Nothing Exciting

G and I both had the day off today.  We haven’t done anything exciting and so far, we’ve had a great day.

The first task on G’s to-do list?  Mow the lawn.


I know George is getting serious when he does this with his face:


And yes, he has to wear his gold chain necklace to mow the lawn.  So embarrassing.  My friend, Meghan, also likes to make fun of his “jorts”.  I’d never heard this term for jean shorts, but it makes sense.  You’re welcome Meghan.

While G was mowing, I did fun things like pay the bills (without slitting my wrists) and paint my nails!


Love this color!  It’s called Fuschiamania…a perfect summer color.

Later, we went to Home Depot to pick up a flag pole holder.  Of course, George had to get a snack right when we walked in the f*cking door:


Popcorn.  I don’t blame him, it was exhausting walking from the car to the front door.

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