Flowers and Freebies

While work seemed to take forever today, some pretty awesome things happened.  Not surprisingly, none of the awesome things were work-related.

First, I got the best thank you note ever:


Obviously, I gave a really good reference.  The note came with these:



FLOWERS!!!  Such a nice surprise and the note was just perfect.

Next awesome thing:


Nothing Bundt Cakes opened near my office and we got a lot of coupons for free bundtlets.  The coupon was expiring on the 31st so I decided to go over this afternoon and pick one up.


I chose May’s featured flavor, Pineapple Upside Down.  G’s favorite cake is pineapple upside down cake so I think he’ll like this one.  And it was free!

Finally, G and I got free Redbox movies!!!


Over a year ago, G and I signed up to receive texts from Redbox and every now and then we get codes for FREE MOVIES!!  Usually the code only works once, but when G went to Redbox he was able to get 5 movies!  We will never be able to watch that many in 24 hours, but whatever.  I rented This is 40 so I’m watching that now.  I’m not sure I’ll make it to the 5 George rented.

Here’s to flowers and freebies!!

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2 Responses to Flowers and Freebies

  1. Plaid Pantry says:

    So does that mean you don’t want the handjob?

  2. Plaid Pantry says:

    That cake looks really moist.

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