Dance Freak

Last night, G and I drove to South Jesus for a Zumba party!  If you hadn’t already figured it out, South Jesus is really called Albany, Oregon.  George and I lived there for about 4.5 years.  And apparently, we can’t stay away.

Anyway, we were really f*cking super-duper excited about going and even stopped on the way to get new shoes!!


Totally cute.

Kind of like my favorite Zumba instructor ever:



Bethanie is so great.  If you ever have a chance to take a class from her, DO IT!

We also got to see my friend, Keri, too!!!


The event was held in a high school cafeteria, which was pretty cool, except for the fact that it made me feel 200 years old.

But then I saw this guy do a few dance moves:


and I felt a lot better about myself.


We had a really good time, danced our giant @sses off and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Friday night, Zumba night?  Count us in.

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