A Short Tour

I know some of you’ve been waiting for a tour of our new house and, while we still have a million things to buy, we are pretty settled at this point.

The basic details of the house are are that it is one-level, almost 1500 square feet, and has 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms.  The hope is that we can live here forever because we really hate moving.

The good news is that when you walk in the front door, you can run straight through to the back door if we scare you too much:


When you step inside, this is to your right:


Jack would not lie down while I took pictures.  Damn dog.  That also used to be the garage (that’s why there’s a utility panel on the wall).  We (obviously) need some artwork/pictures, but I haven’t decided what to do so we’re leaving it blank for now.


To the left of the front door is this:


It’s basically one long room that runs into the kitchen.  The doorway to the right leads to two bedrooms, a utility closet and a bathroom.

This is what it looks like from the other side of the room:


I really love the big window:


And I’d really love to get a couple of comfy chairs to put in front of it.

And, if you don’t remember, our kitchen looks like this:


And here are a couple of pictures of the entire room:



Down the hallway on the left is the backdoor, laundry room, the master bedroom and master bathroom.  I really love the way the bedrooms are separated in the home.  So when/if we ever have guests we can pretend they’re not here.  Perfect.

That’s the end of the tour.  Once we get some of the other rooms done, I’ll show those as well.  Hope you enjoyed it!!

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3 Responses to A Short Tour

  1. I love how open it is. It will make entertaining a breeze!

  2. RV Goddess says:

    What a great house! I love the kitchen and open feel. What a wonderful entertainment space. Congratulations.

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