Family Time

As you know, yesterday the family came over to celebrate Mother’s Day.  George had to work (per usual) so I was single and ready to mingle totally sad.  That is, until this lady showed up:


Isn’t her dress adorable?

Her sister was also looking especially cute!!


Actually, I think everyone was looking pretty good:



Toya tried to photo-bomb every picture we took together:



But after I threatened to beat the sh*t out of her, we got a good one!!


Speaking of photo-bombing, my brother was also on the let’s-f*ck-up-every-picture-Marni-takes train:



And of course the one we got without photo-bombing is not as good as the others.  Idiot brother.


Kaz was not amused:


I don’t think he can accept the fact that he’s related to all of us.  Poor kid.  He’s only 9 months old and he’s had a very rough life.

He’s obviously very neglected:


God, that kid cracks me up.  It’s like he already knows that I’m completely bat-sh*t crazy.  Amazing.

This girl also knows that I’m crazy, but I think she likes it.


Mother’s Day was a ton of fun and we ate a ton of food.  Hope you all had a great weekend too!!

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