It’s a Little Late…

And we just rolled in from a day trip to Seattle.  It’s also way past my bedtime, but I couldn’t wait to share some pictures from our trip.

First, the weather was absolutely amazing:


And we got to see George III (G’s son) play rugby!!!



(He’s kind of in the middle of that pile, just to the left of#1.)

Rugby’s a pretty brutal sport, but we had a lot of fun watching the game.



I loved watching them lift each other into the air.  Those guys are so strong.

Because it was such a nice day, I cheered them on while wearing my normal sunbathing outfit:


Don’t leave home without a hat and blanket/towel.  You never know when the sun will make an appearance and try to fry you!!!

Anyway, we had a really good time at the game and we were even invited to the post-game celebration.


We took what I call a “double-stuffed-oreo” picture:


That’s George III’s wife, Courtney.  She was very nice to put up with G and me.  Thanks Courtney!!!

And we also took one of my favorite pictures of all time:


So much fun.

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3 Responses to It’s a Little Late…

  1. Tyly says:

    Am I allowed to comment that George III is a good looking guy?? If not, I didn’t say that. 🙂

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