It’s been a bit crazy around here…per usual I guess.  After the birthday party on Saturday, we had our very good friends Steve, Kathleen, Marisa, Cody, Natalie and Sophie over to see the house.  And they gave us this beautiful hanging plant!


And brought cake and cookies.  I know we’d just had cake the day before and I made about 8 billion of these cookies on Friday:


But we needed more cookies, I promise.

And then Bing decided to have a crisis:


He got in a fight with something…either something he was trying to kill (maybe a squirrel or raccoon) or another cat in the neighborhood.  We’re not quite sure.  But he’s back in the cone of shame.  And he’s hating it.  And he kept me up all night.

Which makes me want to eat this:


I think I need to get my own cone of shame.  One big enough so that my hands can’t reach my mouth.

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