Birthday Boys!!

Today we had almost everyone over for a couple of birthday celebrations.  G and my step-dad, Tim, both have birthdays in the next week so we thought it was a perfect reason to get together to eat!

My mom brought me flowers for hosting:


So pretty.  Thanks mom!!

Not surprisingly, the people with kids showed up about 2 hours after my mom and Tim.  F*cking kids slow everyone down.  But we still love them.  Once everyone got here, we began to eat…and eat a lot.

We started with inari:


Sticky rice inside fried bean curd.  Basically amazing.  I ate about 10 of those damn things.

This kid liked them too:


He was so focused on eating the inari, I couldn’t get a picture of him.  Love that little Kai.

And his brother, Kaz?  He was being smothered by G:


Do you like Kaz’s hair?  I really need to do a post about it.  It looks like he’s wearing a hair piece.  He’s missing hair along the sides and back of his head, but the top is long and looks like a comb-over.  It’s really weird and totally hilarious.


I don’t think Kaz thinks it’s that hilarious, though.

After gorging ourselves on inari, we decided to eat more.  Yesterday, I made chicken for Buffalo Chicken Sliders!!


You need to make these!!  They were so simple and so very, very good.



We had the table extended to it’s maximum length so we could put all the food and drinks out for everyone.  We had chips, potato salad, sweet potato salad and caprese salad.  You can never have too much food.  Never.

Little Kennedy loved sitting at the table, but she was a sad no one would share with her.


I love her cute tulle skirt.

G and Tim wanted a picture with Jack Nicholson:


And yes, George is still dressing like he’s 15 and it’s 1990.


Even though he turns 52 next week.  I guess he’ll never grow up.

Speaking of never growing up, this is what my brother did repeatedly as I tried to take a picture of the cake:


What a d*ck.

After watching us eat all that food, the babies had to nap:



I can totally relate.  It’s exhausting to hang out with all these @ssholes loved ones.


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