Let’s Do Lunch!

Our good friends, Keri and Evan, came up from South Jesus to see our house and go out to lunch with us!!  It was so good to see them.


I asked my cousin for a recommendation and he told us to go here:


Hae Rim.  And it was amazing.


We started out with the boiled dumplings.



I could have eaten 400.

Before we finished those, they brought us side dishes!!


We all tried everything, but the potatoes, broccoli salad and vegetable pancakes were our three favorites.  Then we got the rest of our food!


We ended up eating waaaay too much food and it was incredible.  Then we tried to review our bill…


But I think our server just wrote that we’re fat pigs and put some numbers on the right hand side.   It was really good food and such a good recommendation.

Even though we ate too much food we saw this dang place practically next door:


And, of course, we went inside to get dessert.


George and I got chocolate chip sandwich cookies.


They had peanut butter buttercream inside.  In-f*cking-credible.

And now, it’s time to nap.

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