A Pizza Party

This morning I had the brilliant idea to invite some family over for a pizza party.  After texting and calling everyone we had a plan.  I was going to get the pizzas, they were going to bring drinks and their one million children.

By late afternoon, I was already on baby-duty with this kid:


Fortunately I was able to hand her off to G so I could get things ready.


Please don’t ask me what G’s wearing.  He thinks he’s 15 and that it’s 1990.

Let’s just forget that and look at this face:


Oh my god.

So I got things going.  Put the extenders in the table and made it gigantic!


And I think we can actually fit 12 people at the table.  Now we just need to buy chairs.

I heated up the pizza:


I got 4 family sized pizzas and we ate them all.  We are fat pigs.

But look at how cute everyone was!!



That’s Kai on the left…he hasn’t made an appearance on the blog in a while.  I miss that kid.  Oh!! And his little brother, Kaz!


That’s my cousin, Kyle, holding Kaz.  Kyle just bought a house about 2 blocks away from us…a totally awesome coincidence.  He and his girlfriend joined us for our pizza party.


Toya asked me to take that picture of her.  She’s starting to scare me.

To get rid of the older kids, we turned on a 3D movie:


I’ve never been more thankful for that tv.  Do you like our jacked-up blinds?  Thankfully, they’re only temporary and we’re getting real ones installed in the next week or so.

I had to do a little baby holding:


Naturally, George had to grab all the babies he could:


And then Kaz decided I’m the best!


And the most comfortable.  At least my fat rolls are good for something.


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4 Responses to A Pizza Party

  1. harpsnw says:

    Family is great!

  2. Heidi says:

    You guys are n awesome aunt and uncle! How fun!

  3. runrmomma says:

    Family pizza parties are the best! I’m have serious house envy. I LOVE Portland, your neighborhood looks awesome and your house is amazing!

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