New Colors

I’ve totally slacked on my nail polish posts and I don’t even know if I’ve done one this year!  Sad.  But I recently made it to the beauty supply store with my sister and bought some new colors that I love!


From left to right: Recessionista, Mojito Madness and Off the Shoulder.

The bad news is that these colors are being discontinued.  It didn’t make them any cheaper, but they were only $4 to begin with so that’s not too bad.

I love the Mojito Madness color.  It reminds me of a cardigan I bought last month.


I apologize for the vampire skin, but isn’t the cardigan great?!  I think it’s a perfect spring color.

New colors make me happy.

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1 Response to New Colors

  1. Tyly says:

    OMG, LOVE the Mojito one!! The first one reminds me of Damsel in a Dress. Love all three.

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