The Second Signing

As you may have figured out, our house-buying process got all f*cked up.  We had our offer accepted in late January and we were supposed to close about a month later.  Everything went pretty smoothly and we even signed the closing docs in February.  Here we are that night:


We were really excited.  We signed everything and everyone said that there was a 99% chance we’d close the following day.  And then that 1% f*cked us over.  When the escrow company did a title search one last time before closing, they found a lien on the title.  And we couldn’t close. 

Well, we were pretty much up sh*t creek because we’d already given notice and had transferred our jobs to Portland.  Yeah, we both felt like this:


I was less happy than I look.

Fortunately, we worked out a deal with the sellers where we’d be able to move (as renters) while they worked on getting the lien removed.  So we moved.


However, because we hadn’t closed and our mortgage people didn’t want us messing with our finances, we couldn’t buy a refrigerator or a washer and dryer.

I can live without a washer and dryer, but the fridge thing is a nightmare.  We’ve been eating out for a month.  And yes, my ass is getting bigger by the second.

So finally, FINALLY, on March 21st, when we were both in DC, we were able to sign again!!!



They sent a mobile notary to our hotel at 8 pm and we signed everything (again).  Since we’d just done this a month earlier, it wasn’t that exciting.


I know, we can’t believe it either.

So today, we’re off spending millions on appliances (and a giant tv for George).  As soon as we get a little more settled, I’ll give you a tour!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!  If you’re in the Northwest, it looks like the weather’s going to be amazing…ENJOY!

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5 Responses to The Second Signing

  1. Mark says:

    Ha ha ha ! I can relate. Thank goodness they found the lien. OK, you can put those middle fingers back in their holsters now and relax…

  2. Beth L says:

    Finally! Congrats to both of you!

  3. Di Feakin says:

    Monday??!!! That’s April Fool’s Day. I would be making them do that on Tuesday if I were you.

  4. Daniel Andrist says:

    Congrats! No frig is no fun. When I moved to Pasadena to go to Art Center, I had to wait weeks to get appliances since I did not know renters had to supply their own. Luckily for me there was a really nice clerk at the local El Rancho supermarket, Marvel, who I got to know and who gave me free ice until I got a frig. We became fast friends and for a time she was the only person in town I knew. The El Rancho market was an odd place at the time to me because regular customers would wait in line for their preferred clerks to chat and check out with. These ladies were very protective of their customer/fan base and did not like it when a rival clerk tried to lure people over to their register when their line was shorter. Perhaps George knows of what I speak? Anyway, so glad to hear you can finally get settled. Please send your address when you get a chance. Cheers! Uncle Daniel

  5. Kathleen says:

    Mazel Tov on your closing!!! Enjoy your beautiful home and getting a new refrigerator.
    The photos of your trip are great, especially the Martin Luther King photos. Big hugs to you both!!

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