A Hair Day!!

This morning I drove to South Jesus.  I know, I moved to Portland so I’d stay off the freeway, but I refuse to leave my hairstylist.


And so does George.  Actually, he just likes to take pictures with everyone.

When I woke up this morning my hair looked like this:


I wasn’t actually that excited, but I had a crazy photo-bomber with me:


And it was difficult to get a picture without her in it.

Basically, my purple hair faded to a reddish ombre…which actually looked nice.  But my roots were getting pretty bad and I FOUND A FEW GRAY HAIRS.  Apparently, I’ve been a little stressed out lately.  Hmm.

But the world got a whole lot better after the color was applied and I settled in to process:


DDP and Hair by Ally make everything so.much.nicer.

The end result:


A dark brown that fades into a burgundy color at the ends.


Kennedy really liked it.  She was so excited about the color, she tried to rip it all out.  Did I tell you she’s almost four months old…and wearing nine month clothing?  Umm, yeah.  She’s in the 95 percentile for weight, and off the charts for height.

I’m pretty sure she’s going to pass up these two pretty soon:


And then they’ll all be running around terrorizing the world.  SCARY.

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