Put Her In A Shopping Cart

Today I had an impromptu babysitting session when my sister had a last minute interview.  So after work, I headed over to my sister’s house, dropped her off at the interview and went on a date with this chick:


It was my very first outing alone with little Kennedy.  Thankfully, Em told me she likes to be pushed around in a shopping cart.



(BTW, you can’t fit anything in the shopping cart when you put a baby in there.  WTF?!)

We went to Target because I knew they had a lot of shopping carts and thought Kennedy would blend in with all the other screaming children if she decided to have a melt down.

It was so much fun.  Kennedy tried on some swimsuits for her upcoming vacation to Palm Springs:



And she also loved this cute dress!


I liked it better in teal, though.


And then she woke up.


I don’t know why she was looking at me like that…well, maybe it was because I was looking at her like this:


I know, I’m the best aunt ever!

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1 Response to Put Her In A Shopping Cart

  1. kate says:

    love your posts. and what a super cute baby!

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