Tonight, we went out to dinner with our very good friends, Keri and Evan.


And yes, we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Red Robin.  We hadn’t been there in forever and we totally made up for it by ordering about 17 baskets of french fries.  Amazing.  Even our server was impressed.

While it was fun to hang out with them, we had even more fun when we tried to take pictures of each other.

I took this one on accident:


That is George’s non-camera-ready face and how he looks all the time.  Mouth wide-open, talking about nonsense and probably talking so everyone in the world can hear him.

Thankfully, we ended up getting a good one of them:


Of course, George had to take a picture with Keri too.  Keri couldn’t believe she had to take a picture with George…


She tried to block out the whole experience by shutting her eyes and going to her happy place.

So we made her take another picture:


Then it was my turn for picture time.  I gave the camera to Keri…AND SHE TOOK A PICTURE WHILE I WAS PREPPING!!!


That is pretty much my favorite picture ever.

Take two: a little less crazy.


We laughed a lot at George and ate so much good food.  Thanks Keri and Evan for hanging out with us!!!

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3 Responses to Supermodels

  1. Melissa says:

    I hear my sister in law met George at the store the other day. I was pretty excited and asked a million questions. We are so weird.

  2. Jessica says:

    I really love George’s UA under his polo!!

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