We are currently in the middle of the pure chaos of sorting/packing.  And by “we”, I mean me.  George pretty much has nothing to do with packing…he hates it.  I hate it too, but I like to go through everything and throw it all away so we can move as little junk as possible.

We are hoping to move in the next few weeks and today, my goal was to get a good portion of the kitchen packed up.  I think I was pretty successful.


So far I have about 20 boxes packed and ready to move and about 5 ready to donate.  Not too bad.

And while I was packing the kitchen up today (for a few hours) this is what G did:


He basically did as much as Jack.  So helpful.

When I asked him if he was going to help me, he said “I am helping you…by staying out of your way.”

Good point.

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6 Responses to Packing

  1. BethanyC says:

    Did you find a house? I haven’t missed an exciting post, did I?

    • Ha!! You haven’t missed any exciting posts about moving. I’ve kind of been mum about the whole thing because I don’t want to jinx it. Don’t worry, though, you’ll get all the dirty details soon enough…I hope!!!

  2. runnersview says:

    puppy is so cute!

  3. Gma Pat says:

    Looks like G was doing his part! Keeping the fridge cleaned out so you don’t have so much food to haul. Thot of you at spaghetti dinner here at the Oasis. luv you both….

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