Food Coma

Is it possible that I was in a food coma for almost three days?  Actually, I know the answer to that…yes.  And wow, that is kind of embarrassing.

On Sunday, George and I watched the Super Bowl.  We didn’t go to a party, we just stayed at home.  And that was dangerous.  I made one appetizer and we ate almost the entire thing.  And that’s why I felt like I might die.  But it was so good.

I found the recipe for Texas Trash (aka Warm Bean Dip) on Pinterest.  And it’s way too easy to make (and eat) so watch out.  You only need a package of cream cheese, 1 cup of sour cream, 1 package of taco seasoning, 2 cans of refried beans, 2 cups of monterey jack cheese and 2 cups of cheddar cheese.

I recommend grating the cheese yourself because it makes the dish is so much more melty (is that a word?) and delicious.



Seriously, don’t make this.  Or do and try to have a little self-control.  We did not and I’m still recovering.  G, of course, didn’t see anything wrong or have any problems with eating half the pan.  Life isn’t fair.

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12 Responses to Food Coma

  1. Wow, this looks too good. We had a 7 layer dip at our gathering and I had it for dinner the following night as well… bueno!

  2. Karissa says:

    Great minds. I made the SAME THING on Sunday for the Super Bowl! I decided to cut the recipe in half because….let’s face it…my thighs are GIANT enough as it is. The dip is NO DOUBT delicious. I saw somewhere, someone made mention of adding ground beef the next time they make it. Not a bad idea. It’s a keeper recipe, that’s for sure!

  3. mrsboatman says:

    That looks so delicious! I have that problem with a lot of things, but most of all baking! Therefore, I only bake unless my husband will eat it or we’re taking it somewhere I can leave it 🙂

    • I usually do that too!! But a few times a year, I make something just for us and then wind up having to recover for a few days. I never learn.

      • mrsboatman says:

        Believe me. If you’re like me, we probably never will! My husband doesn’t like sweets that much either. So I know if I make ANYTHING sweet…I’m the only one that will eat it! So I started making dog treats…that way I can still bake but I have no urge to eat them! I understand the occasional indulgence. I have a soft spot for smoked salmon dip!

      • That is the same thing I do with the dog treats…I love to bake, but they’re the only thing I can make where I don’t eat all the damn dough!

      • mrsboatman says:

        No kidding! I’m sure all those raw eggs are good for something 🙂

      • mrsboatman says:

        I also found a recipe on Pinterest that is just raw cookie dough without eggs…it was a very bad idea to pin it…

  4. Oh my good gracious. I have seen that on Pinterest. Thanks for the warning 🙂

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