I Drank the Kool-Aid

I realize I’m about 12 years behind on this one, but I love Zumba.  I tried not to and avoided it for years, but when Keri asked me to join her I agreed.


And that was the beginning of the end.  It is such a better workout than I ever imagined and my core has never been so tight.  I’d show you my six pack, but I don’t want to make you jealous.  Okay, I don’t have a six pack…or maybe I do, it’s just not visible to the human eye.

Anyway, I haven’t done any running since December and, actually, haven’t even stepped foot in our gym.  I thought I would get soft and squishy-er because I stopped lifting weights, but all the squats, jumping around, pelvic thrusts and arm shaking of Zumba has actually made me more toned.  Again, I am shocked.

Maybe one day, this idiot will let me borrow his Zumba shirt:


(He loves his pink and purple!)

Oh and in 2025, I’ll probably be raving about CrossFit.

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