We’ll Probably Get Divorced

Why?  Because we had to spend another day together.  I know, what the hell is going on?  It’s pretty rare that G and I have a day off together and when we do, we usually have plans with friends and family so we don’t actually have to spend time together alone.  And that’s probably why we’re still married.

Anyway, we got up early to drive to Portland to look at a couple of houses.  There were good things about both houses, but neither of them were right.

One had a creepy and weird basement that you accessed through the garage:


And the other was waaaay overpriced and probably needed the inside burned down.  Our agent loves it when I threaten to burn down houses.

I think we’ve looked at about 20 houses now.  Fortunately, I really like looking at houses so it’s still fun.  However, I don’t like having to drive for 90 minutes to look at houses (that I end up hating) so that’s getting a little bit old.

After our house hunt, we headed back to South Jesus and stopped in Salem to get some breakfast.


The last time I ate at Busick Court, I was with Ann Marie and Lea and we’d just finished a 5k.  This time, it was just George and me.


And we ATE!



We both ordered egg scrambles and mine was so good I had to take a nap when I got home.

This afternoon, Jack decided to have a medical emergency.


Well, it wasn’t an emergency, but we had to take him to the vet.  He’s had a little growth on his eyelid for a while.  And it was fine, but now it seems to be irritating his eye a little bit so we wanted the vet to take a look at it.


He gets very needy at the vet.  We decided it would be best to get it removed on Thursday (the growth, not his eye), and Jack’s going to get his teeth cleaned at the same time (so his breath will stop smelling like death).  Unfortunately, that also means that George is going to have to turn tricks this weekend to cover the costs.


Don’t worry, though, he likes it.

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8 Responses to We’ll Probably Get Divorced

  1. Lizette says:

    You are So Hysterical!! I love when your posts show up in my email! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Poor Jack! And thanks a lot. Now I’m craving pancakes. And a huge egg scramble!

  3. BlondiesBabble says:

    You are so dang funny. And cute puppy!! You two are looking to move all the way to Salem!? You’re in SW right now aren’t you? Wilsonville is a nice in-between and I’m quite fond of Lake Oswego too, mostly because I grew up there… Best of luck in the house hunting!

  4. jswesner says:

    Hysterical! Loved your honesty on what makes a marriage work. House hunting is fun, but I am sorry your realtor shows you crummy houses. A burning party is a must!

    • First, if we could buy two houses (one for each of us) I’d do it. And we’d never get divorced. Second, it’s not our realtor’s fault, there are just no houses right now. It sucks, but it makes it more fun to talk about burning the houses down.

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