A Shower

Yesterday, Emily and I headed to Washington for Heidi’s baby shower.


Heidi and I went to high school together and she’s having her third kid.  Usually, you don’t have a shower for your third kid, but it’s been quite a while since Heidi’s had babies around.  Her daughter, Emma, is 10 and her son, Hudson, is 7.

E and H

Yeah, she’s crazy.

Em and I were really excited for the shower, but Kennedy thought it was more important to nap.


I love that she sleeps like that.  And look at her hands:


Long fingers…pretty sure she’s going to be an incredible harpist.  And no, she doesn’t have a choice.  She has to take harp lessons.

It took us about an hour to get to the shower and it was so worth it!




Em and I tried to get a good picture with Kennedy, but Kennedy refused to be serious about it.


She’ll regret that later.

I gave up on Kennedy and started taking pictures with adults.  First up, Heidi and me:


I’m sad that Heidi wore black because you can’t really see how big her bump and boobs are.  I always like to make fun of her huge boobs so that was a little disappointing.

And our friend, Kirsten, showed up too!!


And we only had to take about 47 pictures to get an approved-by-Kirsten photo.  Success!!

And Em cuddled with the adorable Kellen:


Don’t you love his hair?  I love it.  And now I’m trying to convince G to grow his hair out.

Later, we made him pose with Kennedy:


Kennedy’s mad because I blasted her with the camera flash while she was sleeping.  I think it’s adorable when she furrows her brow…but she’s going to need botox on her first birthday if she keeps that up.

What I love is that everyone wants to hold a baby.  These kids were passed all around the room.  And this little girl, Paige, just loved Kennedy.  It was hilarious.


I’m not so sure Kennedy thought it was funny, though.

Anyway, Heidi got a f*ckton of presents, which made me a little jealous.  One of my favorite gifts was this quilt:


Emma made the quilt!!  Isn’t that amazing?  Totally adorable and it was so well done.  Truly impressive.

The shower was so much fun and I can’t wait to meet baby Ella next month.  By the way, when Heidi had Hudson, he weighed over 10 pounds.  See, I told you she’s crazy.

Cheers to babies and baby showers (as long as none of them are mine or for me)!!!

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  1. She’s going to have an Ella and an Emma?? They’ll never know who she’s yelling at! My brother is named Andy and I used to go by Mandy…whenever my mom would yell at one of us, we could never tell who it was for!

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