First, if you weren’t able to see the pictures in my last post, you can find them here.

Today was a very, very long day.  Full of fun and a lot of driving.  I spent the night at my sister’s last night so we could go to Heidi’s baby shower this morning.  Remember Heidi?


She’s about a month from having her 3rd bundle of joy.  It really is amazing how fast time goes by.  Em and I got up early so we could both get dressed and get that monster, Kennedy, ready too.


I did Em’s makeup…I think it’s time to sign up for beauty school!

After the shower (which was in Washington), we headed into Portland to look at six houses.  Poor Kennedy got dragged around with us too.  There were a few houses I really liked, but the only thing I wanted to make an offer on was this guy:


He was so friendly and we loved him!!

After the house shopping I continued to drive my balls off and headed home to South Jesus.  I got home around 6:30 pm and we headed out at 6:45 pm to go to George’s work holiday party.


George ate about 100 meatballs, 50 chicken wings, pecan pie, a cupcake, carrot cake and probably an entire cheesecake.  I tried to watch my food intake and only ate giant cookies and nachos.  Pretty good, right?

Yeah, I need to drink about a gallon of water and go to bed.


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