Shades of Purple


Yes, I’m still alive.  I took a bit of a hiatus from the blog and really have nothing to report.  Sad, I know.  And I was going to wait to post something until I had something really good (and hilarious) to write about, but, honestly, I don’t know why I would try to start doing that now.  And then a reader, Karla, emailed to ask if I was okay.  So I decided to end my hiatus!

Okay, so we’ve been busy looking at houses, watching football and watching G take pictures of himself:


He was only pretending to take a picture of the bathroom.

And then last night I got my hair done!!!  Just in case you forgot what I look like:


That’s three day old hair that was up in a bun all day long…gross.  Also, I think I need to get my makeup professionally done before I get my hair done because sitting in the salon, under those lights, staring at myself in the mirror makes me want to cry.

Back to my gross hair…I wanted to do something different.  My stylist, Ally, and I talked about doing a dark brown with red ends (covering the light), but then I got a little obsessed with purple.  I thought we could do dark purple on the top that fades into a lighter purple.  So Ally brought out the purple:


We decided to go with the one second from the left and put it all over.  We hoped the ends would remain lighter than the top.  And then it was time to process.


And the result…


I took that picture last night.   Yes, it looks black.  And dad, I’ll say it before you do: “Monica Lewinsky”…every time I make my hair dark, my dad calls me Monica Lewinsky.

monica 1via

Isn’t that nice?

But then today, I took this picture in daylight:



And I can see the purple (and the lines in my forehead).  Now, obviously the whole “my ends will stay lighter” idea didn’t quite work out.  My hair loves color and soaked all of it up.  BUT, the ends may fade more quickly than my roots so there’s still a chance I’ll get the ombre purple-ish hair look.  Either way, I love it and I’ve missed having dark hair.  Thanks Ally!!

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9 Responses to Shades of Purple

  1. Emily says:

    Love your hair and you do NOT look anything like Monica! Glad you’re back!

  2. Rumps says:

    looks good Monica, er, I mean Marnster!

  3. Erin says:

    You look glorious and I totally missed you (even though I don’t know you in real life-Weird)! Glad you’re back. One of my fav bloggers and most inspired hair-color-experimenter for sure.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Glad you’re back!! I think you & G should do a vlog. I love it when bloggers do those. I think you two would be great!! 😉

  5. Love the hair. Please don’t puff it up like Monica L’s. Glad you’re back. P.S. I put pink streaks in my hair so that I would match my Barbie doll (long story–don’t ask, okay?). Cheers,

  6. Melissa says:

    I was hoping for a hair post today since I saw your instagram photos yesterday..

    Ummm, now I feel weird. Glad you are back!

  7. Gma Pat says:

    So glad you’re back!! I’m a little partial to the blonde….guess cause that’s the Marni I first met, oh so long ago….the Marni bride! Also kinda surprised your ‘Ally’ didn’t suggest bangs. They seem to be back! But you are beautiful, blonde, dark, purple or even green (for St. Patty’s Day!), Love You, no matter what color you’re hair is, my dear. And love G too, he stays the same….bald! 🙂

  8. Tyly says:

    I LOVE the purple! It looks great on you, and your eyes really pop with the darker color.

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