Today, I worked from home.  I love working from home…except that I have no reason to get dressed, do my hair or put on any makeup.  So I basically look like sh*t all day.  Pretty.  But I get to sleep in later, lounge around in sweats and I save myself an hour+ of driving in the car!

Anyway, today was pretty great because I went to one of my favorite places on my lunch break:


I seriously love the library.  I usually put books on hold so I can run in, check them out and leave.  But today, I walked through the stacks to find them.  I love looking at all the books.

And tonight it was time to make more peanut butter dog treats for this monster:



He should have enough for a while.

Needless to say, it was a pretty random Friday, but I already got a few things checked off my weekend to-do list!

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2 Responses to Randomness

  1. elenabakes says:

    Those bone-shaped treats look absolutely adorable! Where did you get your cookie cutter from?

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