Merry & Bitch

I’m not a huge fan of giving greeting cards to people.  I rarely (if ever) buy anyone a card, but every year we send out holiday cards.  Probably because it gives us an excuse to send pictures of our fat faces to our friends and family.  Here I am with the card we sent my sister last year:


I really love it.

I usually send out a pretty simple holiday card, but this year there were a lot of brighter colored cards out there.  And I loved them.  The card I picked out had 3 picture slots so it was kind of difficult for me to find 3 amazingly beautiful photos of us.  Somehow, I managed:


I love it.  I also love that the picture of me is blurry and the one of George is clear.  Once again, George f*cked me over when taking my picture.

I love our card so much that I hung one up in my office window.  A few coworkers commented that, from afar, it looks like it says “merry & BITCH”, which I kind of like more than “merry & BRIGHT”.  I might have to create my own card next year because that’s pretty much perfect.

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3 Responses to Merry & Bitch

  1. Tracey says:

    Hmmm I guess I’ll have to ask the mail man for his gift back…

  2. That’s a really cute card! Did you use a website to design it?

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