He’s a Monster

On Monday, my dad took a last minute trip to Portland to hang out with the family, so G and I drove up to see him yesterday.



We mostly sat around and ate so it was a perfect day!


As you can see, we also met up with some other peeps and got to visit with little Kennedy too!!


I can’t resist a crying baby.  But seriously, she rarely cries and mostly sits around like this:


She doesn’t like it when I use the flash to take pictures so she scowls…I love it.

And then this monster held her:


But look at her neck!  I yelled at G to support her head more.  And I even changed the angle of the picture to try to make it look better.


That didn’t help.  Then he figured out that he needed to move his giant hand behind her head:


But he covered Kennedy’s head with his own massive head!  Kennedy soon got tired of George’s inadequate baby holding and began questioning her life.


Kennedy, I’m sorry your Uncle George is a monster.

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