Swag Time!

After gorging ourselves on soup, cookies, frosting, M&Ms and about a liter of Diet Pepsi each, George and I got ready to make swags!  Everything was set up in the garage so we all had to bundle up a bit before heading out.

And then we witnessed a Christmas miracle:


Julia let George touch her!!!

Mom and Tim had everything set up in the garage.  Ribbon for bows:


And various greens, holly and pine cones:


So we got started with the greens and mom started making bows.


My mom is an expert bow-maker.  And every time she makes bows she talks about how Uncle Daniel and her made bows for hours one year for our Christmas tree.  She’s been the official bow-maker ever since!

If you remember, last year I made this gum drop wreath:


And I still love it!  But I decided to go with a green swag this year.  And I pretty much sucked at putting that together.


So I had mom make a giant bow to try to hide my swag fail.

And like last year, Hart was waaaay too into making his swag:


And way too proud of his creation.  Whatever.

I’m just happy we managed to get our swag home and hang it on our door!


Maybe I just need to trim it?  I don’t know, I’m so bad at anything plant-related…it’s really pathetic.  And this swag is our only decoration this year!!  Wow, I didn’t think it was possible for us to get even lazier.

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