I Need a New Identity

Or I need to move to a really big city because South Jesus is getting smaller by the minute.  Tonight, my friend, Keri, wanted to try out Zumba.  I told her I’d go with her…because I’m so nice fat.  While George is a huge Zumba fan:


I’ve never gone.  I got the details from Keri and invited G to come with us.  At first, he said he’d go and then he decided he’d rather stay at home and watch porn sports.  However, he did tell me that he’d had this particular Zumba instructor and she was really good.

Keri picked me up so neither of us had to go in alone…is that weird?  I hate going to new places by myself.  Anyway, we walked in and the instructor said to me “you look familiar…”  The minute she said that, I knew she was friends with G on Facebook.  And because he posts 4,000 pictures a day (mostly of himself, sometimes of me) everyone he’s friends with (almost everyone in South Jesus) recognizes me.  And then I had to admit that I’m married to G…SO EMBARRASSING!

Oh well, she was really nice and a great instructor.  Keri and I had such a good time and it was a great workout.  And while I have pretty good rhythm, I don’t know how to move my @ss like the instructor did…that was, umm, very impressive.  And now I know why G is friends with her.

Zumba 2


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2 Responses to I Need a New Identity

  1. Cheri says:

    I keep thinking I will see you when I go to Red Robin or Kohl’s, due to your posts/pictures, and that has nothing to do with G =) Would I be a total freak if I said hello??? Heehee

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