The Cookies!

Before we get to the cookies, I have to admit that G and I are madly in love with this new addition:


My favorite part was when she cried when G first held her!



Another favorite part was when Tim picked up Julia and she screamed “I WANT MY MOMMY!!!!”…I died.

Eventually, Kennedy got used to his fat face…


And even looked at the camera.  I’m pretty sure she already thinks we’re the insane family members.  Yeah, it doesn’t take long for even a baby to figure that out.

Before we decorated cookies, we fueled up with some incredible soup my mom made.  There was beer, cheese and sausage soup and butternut squash curry soup.  I took pictures, but the soup kind of looks like barf so I didn’t post them.  But I promise they were so good…and we even ate it in Christmas bowls!


After eating, we set everything out for the cookies.


Just like last year, my mom picked up pre-cut and baked sugar cookies.  This really helps keep the mess under control and it saves a lot of time too.  Each family brought a can of frosting and whatever else they wanted to decorate with.  I picked up regular M&Ms and mint M&Ms (the mint are incredible, btw).  After making red and green frosting, we got started!


Julia was pretty serious about her cookies:


Oh yeah, the one on the left is amazing.  You can never have too many sprinkles.


Toya spent about an hour on one damn cookie!


While I swear Elijah ate almost all the M&Ms, it does appear the he got a few on a cookie too:


Because the kids were waaaaay into using the red and green color, I confiscated the white and decorated all of our cookies with it.


I figured there was less of a chance I’d go home with some scary kid disease.  OMG, kids are so gross.

While some of us frosted cookies, others just sat around and ate them:



(Favorite part #3 was when Elijah asked Laura what her little boy’s name was…she said “Natalie”…f*cking hilarious.)


Obviously, Jeff’s stolen my signature gesture.  In all fairness, though, Jeff actually decorated some cookies.  Unfortunately, he got up from the table and Toya and Elijah ate them.  Ha ha.  So Jeff went to Kennedy for a little consoling:


Poor Jeff.

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4 Responses to The Cookies!

  1. Heidi says:

    Great pics! Wish our family was that fun!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I want to be a part of your family!! You guys always look like you’re having fun. 🙂

  3. Caitlin says:

    Hilarious! One of my friends had a baby a couple months ago and she would always get asked “what’s his name” and “how old is he?” She always replied “HIS name is Natalie, and SHE’S however many weeks/months.” It made me laugh every time.

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