Swag and Cookies – The Players

Yesterday, we all met at my mom’s house to make swags and decorate cookies.  As usual, my mom went balls to the wall with the Christmas decorations.  BALLS.TO.THE.WALL.

This year, she put up two trees!



To pretend we had holiday spirit, George and I posed in front of the tree first thing!


Too bad our faces are so huge, you can barely see the tree.  Oh well.

While making swags and decorating cookies were on the to-do list for the day, my mom also wanted to get pictures of every family in front of the tree.  After b*tching about it for about 20 minutes (and trying to leave) I finally gave in.

Up first, was Em’s family…


And they actually looked pretty cute…Kennedy’s eyes are even open!

Then the “white power” couple and their spawn had a chance:


Too bad Tim photo-bombed it and Julia’s showing an inappropriate amount of skin.

Mom and Tim and my brother, Max, were up next:


The best part was when my mom forced my other brother, Jeff, to take a picture with her and Tim.  Because my brother’s wife and kids are in Japan, he’s a family of one.  So it was kind of like he was the 35 year old guy still living at home with his parents…pretty f*cking funny.  So Jeff decided he’d rather pose with the tree.


Yeah, I don’t blame him.

Oh and mom made G and me take another picture in front of the tree.


Good thing we’ve perfected our pose.

I’ll be back with cookie and swag making tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Swag and Cookies – The Players

  1. Candi Coe says:

    I love all your family posts as I love your family.

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