Opinions Wanted

Because you always have excellent opinions, please weigh in.  I went shopping today.  For myself.  And I bought too many shoes…per usual.

Remember when I bought these a few weeks ago?


I love them and they are so comfortable.  So I went back to Kohl’s today to see if there were different colors.  I knew they had red, but I wasn’t really into them.  Then I found these:


The same shoe in a pewter color.  And yes, those are big moles on my right foot…I have them everywhere!  Stop looking at them.

So, do you like them?  Are they too shiny?  I’m not sure.

And then I found these:


The color doesn’t really come across in the picture, but they are ballet slipper pink.  I think they’d be cute with gray socks.

Both shoes were the same price (about $13.57), what do you think?  Should I keep them?  Are they hideous?  Am I too old to wear this stuff?  I really have no fashion sense.

On another note, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to get off the couch and get to the gym.  Ever since Thanksgiving, I just want to sit at home, sleep, eat and do nothing.

So I’m proud to say that the fatso G and I made it to the gym today!!  We even lifted weights and did cardio.


If you’d like to see more blurry pictures of our life, you can follow me on Instagram, I’m ctwandg.

We have big plans tomorrow…it’s time for the Swag and Cookie party at my mom’s!  And because we have just about nothing festive going on at our house, it will be nice to see Santa’s workshop set up at my mom’s.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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6 Responses to Opinions Wanted

  1. brandyp0509 says:

    I like all of them and I don’t think you’re ever too old to wear any of those, I’m older than you and I would definitely rock those bitches!

  2. Ashley says:

    I freaking love those silver ones but the ballet flats freak me out!!

  3. candip says:

    They are both super cute. Keep them both!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Those blue ones are super cute…I think I’m going to head to kohls today! If I had to choose between the pewter and ballet, I’d choose the ballet shoes, but know that I have very simple (or boring?) taste in clothing.

  5. Candi Coe says:

    Get all of them. They aren’t that expensive. xoxo Pearl

  6. Tyly says:

    I love them and wish my Kohl’s had them too!

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