A Movie Kind of Day

First, I’m having a really difficult time believing it’s already December 1st!  It’s really crazy that there’s only one month left in 2012.  Thanks to my mom, though, we got to start our advent calendars today!!


I’m tempted to buy 11 more to last me through December 2013.  I LOVE THEM!

Anyway, today George and I had a rare day off together.  It’s getting cold and wet here in Oregon so I thought it might be fun to go to the movies.


We also thought we’d invite my brother since he was abandoned by his wife and kids for a couple of months…they are in Japan visiting her family.  And can I just tell you how adorable it is to hear little Kai speaking in Japanese now?  OMG, I have no idea what he’s saying, but it’s really damn cute.  Skype is an incredible thing.

So anyway, we went to the movies to see Skyfall, but George got so excited when he saw this display:


That we had to have a photoshoot.  Apparently, he’s pretty excited to see this movie.  Would any of you like to go with him?  I have no desire to see The Hobbit.  However, I also had no desire to see The Lord of the Rings, but George made me see that too.  OMFG.

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