Too Busy and Too Lazy

I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately!  Being too busy and too lazy has resulted in little to no posting.  I still have to go through the pictures we took in the hospital when Kennedy was born and then I’ll put together my post on the birth.  Fortunately, there won’t be too many pictures from the hospital…it just didn’t feel right to take pictures when Emily was screaming in pain and calling the nurse a f*cking whore.

Anyway, my goal is to have something posted by the end of the weekend.  We’ll see.

George is back in town so I’m no longer crying like a little b*tch.  He went to New Orleans to see his family and had an incredible time.


In looking through the pictures he took, I decided that they ate a lot:




And stared at a lot of half-naked chicks:




So pretty much a perfect vacation.  They actually went to a battle of the bands competition at the Superdome and from the videos George took, it looked pretty incredible.

Oh and George also gained 10 pounds.  We both basically look like supermodels now.

Speaking of supermodels, I have better pictures of my before and after hair!!!


The wavy hair is the after.  Love it, but I still want to do the dark brown with red ends.  Next time, next time.

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