The Week Is Over

Thank god. For whatever reason, this week seemed to drag on FOREVER.  Anyway, I have no real news. Sad, but true. Aside from going to work (I don’t think I actually did any work…don’t tell my boss), I did a little shopping:


That purchase only cost me $4.75!!  Five nail polishes and a new lunch bag! Isn’t that a great deal?!

So then I had to paint my nails:


Celebutante by Ulta.

Then I went back to Ulta to do a little Christmas shopping:


And then I went to a Ladies Night at my hair salon. There were quite a few people….free waxing, bang trims, and paraffin waxes too! There were also tables of jewelry, lotions and potions, scarves, etc. It was pretty fun and I bought a little gift there too…


I bought that adorable little hat for Kennedy…WHO IS STILL IN MY SISTER. I know, I can’t believe it either. Em is now scheduled to be induced on Tuesday. I’m going to be so mad if she has to have a c-section. I want to see that craziness!!

So Kennedy, please come out of my sister so you can pose for pictures in your new pretty hat.  Oh, and you’re making your mom miserable and REALLY, REALLY FAT.

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