An Educational Weekend

As you know, I don’t have any human children and I have never been pregnant.  So spending the weekend with someone 38 weeks pregnant was very educational.  Like, VERY.

I’ve been around quite a few pregnant chicks (especially recently) and I read a ton of blogs written by people who’ve recently been pregnant and had children…so I thought I knew a lot about what happens.  As it turns out, I don’t.

Fortunately, my sister doesn’t get easily embarrassed and told me all the dirty (and disgusting) details about being pregnant.  Umm, wow.  Talking about mucus plugs, nipple stimulation and contractions had me Googling sh*t all weekend long.  Anytime Em felt something different or described something, I’d Google it.  At one point, I even Googled “lightning bolts down to vagina”.  The best part…there were numerous links and they all described the pain the exact same way.  Wow, again.

Needless to say, Em has not given birth…


Despite our many attempts to force Kennedy out.


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4 Responses to An Educational Weekend

  1. Try raspberry leaf tea.

  2. brandyp0509 says:

    LOL none of that crap works, it just pisses pregnant people off even more, trust me I tried it all with all four kids. The mucous plug is honestly the best indicator, once that is gone labor is usually within 24 hours but most pregnant women don’t look for it. I can say that with my first and third baby that I lost my plug and within 24 hours I was in labor even with the 3rd baby, which was a planned induction, I lost it the night before, started having contractions about 15 hours later, was due at the hospital that next morning for induction. Babies, fun stuff, hahaha.

  3. jswesner says:

    Love Love Love that picture. I have never been preggs either. And the stories just gross me out.

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