On Baby Watch

I’m staying with these two weirdos this weekend:


Jamison has to work all weekend so I’m on baby watch.  And, as you can tell, Em and Toya are super excited I’m here. I get no respect. Even Bailey doesn’t care.


But don’t worry about me, I just stole all of Toya’s candy.


Ate a bunch and decided to take pictures of myself.


You’re welcome.

By the way, does anyone have any good ideas for making Kennedy gtfo of my sister’s womb? (And sex is not a good suggestion because that’s gross.)

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4 Responses to On Baby Watch

  1. Steph says:

    I heard a pedicure, something about rubbing certain pressure points on the foot can get contractions started. Good luck!

  2. Spicy food, long walk, glass of red wine (FAS isn’t a concern at this point in the pregnancy). Good luck…hope the baby comes soon!

  3. Raspberries and raspberry leaf tea is supposed to strengthen the uterus and help labor go more smoothly. Best wishes to Mom and the whole family!

  4. Carlyn says:

    Nipple stimulation, walking, red raspberry leaf, evening primrose oil caplets, pineapple, and feet and hand massages. GOOD LUCK!

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