False Alarm and a Recap

So apparently, Kennedy has decided not to make an appearance.  I’ve decided that my sister’s faking and she will look like this forever:


Which would be great for me because I look so much better standing next to her when she’s fat (or pregnant, whatever).


Okay, so on to the recap.  It’s now November so I have to update my mileage for the year!  Wahoo.  Only two months left!

Fortunately I finished a marathon in October or my mileage would have been completely horrible.  Here’s a picture of George and me at our breakfast the day after the race:


My hair looks great and George is pretending he finished the marathon.  We are so cool.

Running miles: 38.9

Biking miles: 11.2

Total miles: 50.1

TOTAL MILES IN 2012: 730.85

Not too bad.  The best thing about my workouts in October is that George and I continued to lift weights regularly.  I’m currently doing 5 routines a week: legs, shoulders, back, arms and chest (G does everything but legs).  I think it’s really f*cking hard, but I like it more than just doing cardio and I don’t feel like such a fatso.  It’s also nice to make fun of work out with George…even if he spends most of the time flexing his muscles in front of the mirrors.

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