About a Week Late

And no, I’m not talking about the kind of late that leads to babies.  I’m talking about being late posting about the food from Mady’s 2nd birthday!

First, there was a giant and, at times, scary Elmo:


Food became a team effort and Shay recruited his daughter and friends to help out!



As usual, everything was great!


The bruschetta was amazing and that pesto concoction is like crack…so good.

Shay’s daughter made these babies:



I think that was a grape covered with soft cheese and rolled in pistachio.  Whatever it was, it was good!

There were stuffed mushrooms too:


These things were huge and I have no idea what they were stuffed with, but George ate two of them.

And then there were shrimp sandwiches!


These were only the appetizers!  Crazy.

And then Shay brought out dinner: lamb, pork, beans, mashed potatoes and creamed corn.




Some serious comfort food.  And in that measuring cup is the best gravy I’ve ever tasted.  It was f*cking incredible.

Something else that was incredible…Steph gave George the rest of Mady’s birthday cake.


George wants to marry Steph now.  Well, after he gives up on Obama.


Shay and Steph, thank you for inviting us over to eat all the food at Mady’s birthday party!!!  WE LOVED IT.

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1 Response to About a Week Late

  1. Emily says:

    Holy cow! This kind of spread was put out for a 2 year old’s birthday party!? You hang with the right kind of people. I’d make an appearance at more kid birthday parties if I was getting fed like that!

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