The Guests and the Gifts!

There are so many pictures of the guests and gifts, I’d thought I’d do more of a “photo dump” kind of post today.  My favorite pictures are the ones of Em because she’s finally bigger and fatter than me!  WAHOO!!




I knit this bad bad:



My sister’s godmother, Candi, came in from Seattle!


Em didn’t really like it when I told her to look as fat as possible…


Our godmother, gave Emily this ADORABLE leopard dress…and it’s something my totally cool grandmother would have loved!


Heidi and Emily compared bumps:


Em’s bump is bigger, but I think Heidi wins for the biggest boobs!  Way to go Heidi!


Kaz rocked a mohawk/receding hairline look for the day:


My mom knit this jacket (and matching hat)…isn’t it sooo cute?  OMG, I will probably die when I see Kennedy in it!


Uncle Daniel and Mack flew in from San Francisco.  Uncle Daniel spent hours baking with us when we were kids…some of my best childhood memories!!!


And Em took the tissue balls home to put in Kennedy’s nursery!


THANK YOU to everyone for joining us at Em’s shower…you made it a perfectly incredible day for her and Kennedy!

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4 Responses to The Guests and the Gifts!

  1. brandyp0509 says:

    Awww your sister looks gorgeous pregnant, all belly and not all swollen like some of us unfortunate whales got, seriously there were times on vacation I thought I saw someone try and harpoon me in the water. Anynevermind, you looked beautiful as usual and I loved the cheetah dress, she will definitely be a well dressed baby and your mom making that sweater and hat, OMG too friggin cute, seriously like too friggin cute. I love too that your sis is reusing your tissue ball decorations in the nursery because they are so cute. I made some for my daughter’s 10th b-day and she reused them too in her room. Very cool baby shower! ~~~~Brandy

  2. Emily says:

    Your sister looks great! Doesn’t this make you and G want to jump on the band wagon and make the most adorable baby, ever?

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