Baby Shower Decor and FOOD!

Today, Tomoe, Laura and I threw a baby shower for my sister, Emily.


As you can probably imagine…it was a celebration!


This is going to be a quick post about the treats, eats and décor!



Peanut butter stuffed Ritz covered in chocolate:


The party favors:


Here they are out of the cellophane…chocolate covered pretzels:


They were adorable…and so easy to make!

And check out the cupcakes, I used a new recipe for the frosting (it was amazing) and I even made fondant for the first time!


Tissue balls:



We asked the guests to make a decorated onesie and then hung them on a ribbon in the room.  So cute!


I made two…the orange and purple turtle and the whale.


I had to free-hand that turtle and it almost killed me.  I didn’t give up, though, and even put a little something on the back of each.  This is on the back of the turtle onesie:


And this is on the back of the whale onesie:


Serious cuteness, right?

And we had more food!!


Sorbet punch, lemon water and wine. Fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, meat and crackers.  We definitely know how to throw a shower!


Unfortunately, Em did not give birth at the shower…sad!  I’ll be back with more pictures of people and presents and who knows what else.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!!

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3 Responses to Baby Shower Decor and FOOD!

  1. Emily says:

    You guys went all out, I’m so impressed! Love all the homemade touches, so classy and I bet Emily really appreciated it!

  2. Heidi says:

    I’m glad I won for the biggest boobs! Yay! Another goal accomplished 🙂

  3. kathleen bear says:

    What a fabulous shower. Please post the steps on making the huge flower pom poms

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