Three Weekends in a Row!

We’ve now had cake three weekends in row and I’m about to get my mouth wired shut.  And I’m going to have cake again next weekend!  Apparently, I need to run a marathon every day so I can burn off all these damn cake calories.

Anyway, the happy occasion for cake this weekend was Mady’s 2nd birthday!!


At the beginning of our adventure to Mady’s birthday party, G got naked.  If you follow me on Twitter (@catastrophywife) or Instagram (ctwandg) you probably already saw this:


He was changing from his work clothes to his party clothes.  I did not take pictures of him in his underwear as we drove through South Jesus.  You’re welcome.

I’m too tired lazy to do an entire recap tonight so I’ll give you the short version.  Steph drank too much wine:


Shay made too much food:


Mady partied on Bob, the pony:


And declared her choice for President:


If only she were 16 years older.

Oh right, and we ate cake!


I’ll post about all the fabulous food Shay made for the party later…it was unbelievably good!

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6 Responses to Three Weekends in a Row!

  1. Mady is officially my favorite little girl right now! Supporting Boise State AND Obama? She knows the way to my heart!!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    After reading this….all I am thinking about is CAKE!! Thanks, Marni

  3. huntingchef says:

    Somehow…you found a way to do two things….find a way to take another picture of George with his shirt off and ambush my youngest daughter with billboard add.

  4. I’m following on Insta! I made brownies this week and I need them out of my house…I can no self control. Let me know if you find someone that will do two for one with the wiring of our mouths shut. I will totally get on board.

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