A Short Story

Today, a crazy lady left her house for work at 6:25 am.  The crazy lady looked a lot like this:


When the crazy lady left home, her husband was still in bed.  He didn’t have to work until 4:00 pm so he had the entire day to f*ck around get ready.  The husband sent the crazy lady a text at 10:13 am.

(Insert f*ck around time for the husband.)

When the crazy lady got home from work at 5:30 pm, she couldn’t find the dog.


The dog has very bad arthritis in his hips so the crazy lady knew he didn’t run away.  But she couldn’t find him.

She looked all over the house (which is pretty small, btw) and then ventured into the backyard.  She found one creature sitting in the grass staring at her:


The crazy lady went around the back of the house to the side yard and the dog was laying by the fence!!  He was fine, just locked outside.

When the crazy lady texted her husband to find out what happened, he said HE RAN OUT OF TIME!  

How do you run out of time when you start work at 4:00 pm and you’re up at 10:00 am?

And how do you run so late you don’t have time to let the dog in?

Note: George runs late for work every single day.  It doesn’t matter what time he starts work, he’s always running out of the house late.  It takes him two hours to get ready and that’s still not enough time.  I will never understand this.  Ever.

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7 Responses to A Short Story

  1. Heidi says:

    Typical male…

  2. Lizette says:

    Because he is a man…a black man..and it takes them LOTS of time to Primp. (NOT Pimp!! LOL) They have LOTS of pride with their appearance and ‘smell’…. probably something in the GUCCI FAMILY
    Hence: The running late out the door!! BUT…They will Always be Crispy dressers and smell like The Gucci factory…Not Bad!!! I Love our Black Men Friends!! They are always Freshy Fresh, and take a lot of pride in it….like George!! They take way longer than my Hubs and I to get ready..but we don’t care, their company is Too Much Fun!! They always come out looking way hotter that us normal monogamous white couple but we don’t mind waiting …BUT!!!!! George Poo…Please don’t forget about your fur child…he is special too 🙂 Or at least give him a spray of your Gucci so he can represent while stalking the corners of your backyard fence!! LOL
    LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your Blog Catas Trophy Wife!!! You two are SOOO CUTE!!! and make me smile! Lizette

  3. Cinthia says:

    OMG! So excited. I found your blog again. My old computer died and got a new one but lost my favorites. I thought I had lost you! So nice to see you and George’s faces again. Cheers,

  4. Rain says:

    I can’t stand being late…I am RARELY late, and when I am I get all anxious about it! And I am just going to comment here on the cake thing…there is nothing wrong with weekends and weekends of cake…cake is SO good!!

  5. Kathleen says:

    You blew it big time, George!

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