Marni Uno, Dos and Tres

A few of you noticed that I posted my real name on the blog this past week.


Some of you didn’t realize you didn’t know my name and now, you feel totally creepy…you should.

So yes, my name is Marni.  It’s not my full, legal name, but that’s what everyone calls me.  I know a lot of you found this blog through SkinnyRunner and yes, I have the same name as her dog:

SR's dogvia

  Hi Marni!

But Marni is a family name…well my full name is a family name and we all go/went by Marni.  My grandmother, my mom and me.  That’s right I’m Marni Tres!  One of my grandfather’s favorite games was to say “Marni” and see which one of us would answer first.  Ha, very funny.

And do you know what my grandfather’s name was?  George.

That’s right, my grandparents names were Marni and George.  Just like me and my fatso husband.


Just in case you’re wondering, George looks NOTHING like my grandfather.

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14 Responses to Marni Uno, Dos and Tres

  1. Megs says:

    I think it’s adorable! And congrats on your marathon finish!!! You should be sooo proud!!! How’s it feel today, physically I mean?!?

  2. SkinnyRunner says:

    cat’s outta the bag now..

  3. Laura says:

    I’m número tres too! Although I’m the only one that doesn’t go by the name, but if I ever have a daughter, she will..if she’s cute enough to pull it off! Frances…I think this is why myom stuck it in the middle…

  4. Congratulations on the marathon, Marni. Your grandparents were really important folks in my life I lived with them for awhile, when I was a teenager. It’s really cool to see the evolution of “Marni and George,” across the generations. I can see your grandfather penchant for adventure, and you’ve also inherited your dad’s wit! Lots of fond memories from my own childhood, channeled through your blog. Thanks!

  5. I noticed that too!! I was thinking ” did I know her name before this” ? LOL
    Love that you and Skinnyrunner share a name ….even if its her dog.

  6. kelsey says:

    Thank you for making stalking you that much easier for me now.

  7. Marcy says:

    Well, at least SR’s dog wasn’t named after you. My niece named her dog after me. And that dog is an evil little b*tch.

  8. Emily says:

    Ohhhh, does this mean your next BATF guest post will feature your real name?

  9. jswesner says:

    Are you sure your grandpa doesn’t look like your hubby? I think you might be missing something. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying all of your birthday celebrations!

  10. Kia says:

    I found your blog through skinnyrunner, and when I saw the name I was a little confused:) Thanks for the clarity.

  11. Rain says:

    You totally don’t look like a Marni to me! And you know I never realized you haven’t mentioned your name!

  12. Mindy says:

    Bwwhahahaha thanks for clarifying! Once I saw the name on your cake I couldn’t remember if you had ever said your name. Whew, mystery solved! Love the blog 🙂

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