The Marathon Goal

First, I have to blog from my phone because the hotel doesn’t have free WiFi!!!! WTF! But I wanted to share the amazing goal I’ve made for myself:


Because I really hope I don’t do this again, I would like to spend the race happy, instead of disappointed. I’m not concerned about my time or who’s running faster than me. I just want to finish.


I’m planning to start out very slowly and I don’t expect to finish in less than 5 hours (it will probably be closer to 6).  So now I’m going to take a bath and read O.



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11 Responses to The Marathon Goal

  1. kelseykelsey says:

    Good luck!!!!! Try not to shit yourself during the race!

  2. kelsey says:

    Good luck!!!!!!!

    Try not to shit yourself during!

  3. Candi Coe says:

    Have fun tomorrow. I’m thinking of you. xoxo Pearl

    Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 02:14:46 +0000 To:

  4. Steve says:

    Good luck!! But remember, 5 hours is a long time, so bring a good book!

  5. Good luck and have F-U-N!

  6. Have so much fun!!! What a great accomplishment it will be!

  7. brandyp0509 says:

    Good luck!!! You can do it just remember to keep the run fun i.e. trip the super fast runners, etc. lol We’re cheering for you in North Louisiana ~~~Brandy

  8. Samantha says:

    Good luck! You also look really pretty in that top picture!

  9. BethanyC says:

    Good luck. I love your goal to finish. My first half is next Saturday. The longest I’ve run is 9 miles… So like you, I just want to finish.

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