September Recap

I’m getting so tired of these boring recaps so I’m glad (and I’m sure you are too) that I will only do 3 more after this one!!

At least we had some fun “running” in September:



The Warrior Dash was a great day.

Here are my numbers for the month:

Running: 51.49

Biking: 38.4

(And we did weights 15 times!)

Total miles: 89.89

Total Miles in 2012: 680.77

BTW, I’m running that horrible thing called The Portland Marathon on Sunday.  I’m terrified, I didn’t train like I should have and I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry…a few times during the run/walk/crawl.

The good news…I only have to run 40 miles/month for the rest of the year to meet my 800 mile goal.  And that is amazing.

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5 Responses to September Recap

  1. Rain says:

    Are you doing the full marathon or the half?
    Hope you do well and there isn’t any crying 🙂

  2. jswesner says:

    Your mister man is a hunk of burnin love! Muscles! 40 a month is doable. That is just 2 a day with two rest days. Easy! 🙂

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