A Surprise Birthday Weekend?

My birthday isn’t until next week, but apparently G planned a birthday weekend for me this weekend! I was very nervous when I found out about this because I have trust issues and I don’t let George make decisions EVER.

So tonight George said we had to go somewhere at 8:00 pm. I couldn’t believe it…that’s almost passed my bedtime. But I decided to play along and not be my normal b*tch self.

And we went to LimeBerry!


And these crazy, wackos met us there…in South Jesus!!




I was so surprised and threatened to punch G…


But then I ate my frozen yogurt and remembered this was being documented…


There are still two days of terrifying madness surprises to look forward to…CAN’T WAIT!!!

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4 Responses to A Surprise Birthday Weekend?

  1. Dad says:

    How great!!! Go George!

  2. Happy upcoming Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  3. Claire says:

    Happy early birthday! You look gorgeous!

  4. jswesner says:

    Birthdays are meant to be celebrated all month! 🙂

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