Aunt of the Year

This weekend G and I played house by inviting our niece, Toya, for a visit.


Naturally we started off by having pizza on Friday night. And then ice cream and basically whatever else she wanted.

Yesterday we made plans to visit Laura and Hart at a nearby campground.


I hadn’t seen them since our last camping trip in July and it’s amazing how fast their girls are growing!  Even little Natalie has developed a new dislike for me.



Poor Natalie. However, Julia is no longer screaming when she sees me and will actually smile for my pictures!


She was really excited when I asked to take a picture of her and Barbara:


As you can see, Barbara wasn’t as excited.

We had dinner with Laura and Hart and I even managed to take pictures of them:
We went on a walk to the main waterfall and Julia practiced her peddling.
Unfortunately, she pretty much sucks at it so Hart had to push her the whole way…
Isn’t parenting great?! I thought it was funny and made sure Julia got a S’more for all her hard work.
It took us a while to get to the waterfall…dang kids. But it was worth it:
Toya wanted to go down to the fall but the rest of us didn’t. So like a good aunt, I sent her by herself.
Yes, that little dot along the path is Toya. When we were driving home, Toya told me that if G and I were her parents she would probably be dead because I let her do stuff like go down to the waterfall by herself. Umm…oops!

Anyway, it was great to catch up and hang out. By the way, you may be wondering why G isn’t in all these pictures. Unfortunately, he couldn’t come with us because he was doing a Zumba fundraiser. He even won a prize… a bright pink girl shirt!
Perfect for George.

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3 Responses to Aunt of the Year

  1. runnic18 says:

    Your stories about G continue to make me laugh:)

  2. jswesner says:

    First of all, your commentary kills me. Secondy, you look gorge when you are holding the baby. Third, I think you are an some aunt. And fourth, did I say how much I loved your commentary?

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