Real Warrior Dash Pics

Because we don’t have enough pictures of G and me, we ordered some pretty f*cking amazing pics from the Warrior Dash.  If you missed my posts about the race, you can find them here, here, here and here.

I know I’ve told you that George always give a 100%…and I finally have proof:

WD5 (2)


It totally makes me laugh to look at these pics.  G is trying to so hard…you’d think we were running to win the race.  But instead, we messed around during the entire race and took about 12 hours.  At least he looked like he was going for the win, right?

Oh…and that mudslide:


I look terrified and grossed out.  I was.

And I’m pretty sure we’ll be out there again next year.  Party Time!!!

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1 Response to Real Warrior Dash Pics

  1. Rain says:

    I love that pic of G…that’s too funny!

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