Just a Card

Tonight we had a little celebration for my friend, and coworker, Ryan.  Remember this group of peeps?


Oh, sorry, Lea and Kristy left…remember this group?


That’s better.

Okay, so Ryan’s on the right and he is moving to Bend, Oregon!  He’s not leaving his job, he just took a transfer.  He’s very excited and, because he’ll still be my coworker, I won’t remove his face from my photos…yet.

We had a little get together for him after work and I thought it would be appropriate to get him a present.  However, I thought it would be awkward if I gave him my usual going away present:



So I just got him a card.



Don’t you love it?!!! And no, it wasn’t his birthday, but I love that it was a giant card completely unrelated our get together.

I’m pretty sure he loves it because he said he was going to put it in his office.  I can’t believe how good I am at getting gifts.

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1 Response to Just a Card

  1. Jamie says:

    BEND OREGON??? That’s where I am from. Tell him to ask about us. We were famous there because we were the only Jews there

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