Pre-Dash Warm-Up

And by warm-up, I mean we took pictures.

I decided to do a race recap in a couple of posts because there are just so many damn pictures…and I know you don’t want to miss out on any of them.

Anyway, we were signed up to start in the first wave on the second day.  This race takes place over two days and a wave of participants begins every 1/2 hour.  So we were in the first wave (9:00 am) on Sunday.  And because I’m crazy, we left South Jesus so early that we got there at around 7:45 am.


Dang, we both look like we’re still asleep.

Fortunately, we got there so early, we had a lot of time to take pictures,




Load up on free stuff,



And take pictures of people in costumes!




People are so creative…and brave.  I can barely get through the obstacles in workout clothes, I’d be so much more of a disaster in a costume.  I guess it would be kind of funny though.  Maybe next year.

Oh and we also got to see the volunteers set up one of the obstacles…the jumping over fire obstacle!  Well actually, we didn’t see them set it up, but when they lit everything on fire, the flames and smoke were really high so we went to check it out.




Ooh, isn’t fire pretty?!

It was around this time that we decided to check our bags in and head to the start.  Because we were planning on walking the course, we decided not to be total @ssholes and went to the back of the group.


That was probably the last time we were nice during the event because G almost drowned a girl in the first obstacle and then he tried to pose for a picture when there was a huge line of people behind him.

Was I surprised by any of it?  Nope.

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4 Responses to Pre-Dash Warm-Up

  1. Sheila Watson says:

    I ALWAYS want to comment on your blog – and my dumb computer NEVER lets me!!
    You are soo awesome!
    I wanted to do the warrior dash here (Oklahoma) but we were out of town that weekend ☹ BOO!!!
    Anyway – Hope you had fun – can’t wait to hear about it!
    And that Monster Rehab you are holding… stuff EVER!!!!! It’s my new addiction!

    • I’m not so sure about the “soo awesome” part, but I’m really sorry you aren’t able to comment all the time! The Warrior Dash is so much fun, you really should try to make it next year…G even wants to do it again and he normally only goes to races to steal all the free stuff.

  2. haha that fire scares me…did you guys jump over that?! Looks like some crazy fun!

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