Eatin’ and Boatin’

As you know, on Friday we went to the country for the weekend.  We spent the weekend in Yacolt, Washington with our good friends, Heidi and Levi.


We all went to high school together, although Levi was two years ahead of us.  Oh, and George did not go to high school with us because (1) he went to high school in the 1800’s and (2) he lived in Chicago/Los Angeles.

We always have a good time when we visit Heidi and Levi and this weekend was no different.  I mean, they have a trampoline!


Anyway, we got to Yacolt Friday afternoon and hung around at their beautiful house until Levi got done doing something very manly like chopping wood and hauling it around his property.  George and I really loved it when he parked on the lawn:


After Levi got home, we decided to head to a local tavern for dinner.


Nick’s is in the nearby town, Amboy, and we loved it!



After dinner, we headed over to visit Heidi and Levi’s kids.  They were camping with Heidi’s parents and getting ready for a rodeo on Saturday and Sunday.

This is Emma and her horse, Kit:


Heidi’s kids, Emma (10) and Hudson (7), are both amazing around horses, but I’m pretty terrified…well, not terrified, but their power and strength make me a bit nervous.  G, however, is too dumb brave to be nervous.


G didn’t ride horses that night, but we came back the next day so he could give it a shot and try to start a stampede.

That night we stayed up way too late talking, laughing and watching American Pie.  Good times.  We got up the next day to prepare for a little boat trip.


While Levi got everything ready with truck and the boat, George and I messed around like two idiots.



And we also said hi to the chickens:


We drove about 30 minutes to nearby Yale Lake and it was so beautiful!


Now Levi’s a pretty outdoorsy guy…he hunts, fishes and built their house.  Yes, a manly man.  So when they said we were going to go on a boat, I assumed that this was something they did all the time.  Nope, not at all.  Heidi had never been on the boat and Levi had never taken the boat out by himself.  The best part…they didn’t tell us this until we already had the boat in the water.


But I checked the boat out and knew everything would be okay when I saw this on the side:



But really, the whole trip was incredible and everything went very smoothly.





Did I mention that Heidi’s pregnant?


Yeah, that was a little surprise for the captain.


I was pretty shocked when she told me too…I just couldn’t believe they still do “it”.  Way to go Levi (and please don’t tell G)!

After cruising on the lake for a while, we found a little beach to park the boat and have lunch.


Levi and George wanted to remind Heidi and me why we’re so lucky to have them for husbands:


Because G didn’t want Levi stealing his thunder, he had to get a few shots by himself:


The cool thing about this spot was that the water was so shallow:



Oh and a dragonfly loved my hat!


After spending a couple of hours on the beach, we got back in the boat and headed back to the dock.

Heidi kept watch for us up front:


G watched his side:


I took pictures of myself:


And Levi tried to keep track of everything:


Thankfully I didn’t really look at this picture when I took it, because his smile is scaring me a little bit.

We had such a great day on the boat and the weather really was perfect!


And that was only our first activity for the day!

Stay tuned for a little horse riding and dinner with some familiar guests!

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11 Responses to Eatin’ and Boatin’

  1. haleyv3 says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! Too funny you guys went to nicks! I stumbled upon that place a few months back while trying to take the back roads from la center to battle ground and wondered if it was good! I live less than 10 mins away! 🙂

  2. kelsey says:

    You would take a picture of that nakie butt.

    I would too.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Started my morning with a cup of coffee and your blog. Your beautiful trip at the lake reminded me of wonderful memories of living in Lake Tahoe. You have such a great family. Great pics of babies and kids, and of course George without a shirt. And you? Stunning!
    Made oreo pops with Natalie, without the sticks, because Marisa bought the oreos without double filling and the sticks wouldn’t fit. But they came out great and were oh so yummy.
    I miss you . Have to meet up one of these days. Big hugs!

  4. Heidi says:

    We had a fabulous time with you two!! Thanks for spending a weekend in the country 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    any closer to the idea of having a baby?!

  6. Megan My Day says:

    I can’t believe Heidi is preggers! Too exciting. Look forward to seeing you girls in January – hopefully spending Christmas in Palm Springs this year.

    • Being on that boat has really taken you out of the loop!! There are pictures of the fetus on Facebook, you have to check them out. Well, not really, it just looks like a bunch of blobs…err, I mean a beautiful baby.

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